Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hong Kong - Day 1 - Tseun Wan

Well.... technically its day 2 since we landed here yesterday, but since this is our first full day, its now day 1 :)
Welcome to my new blog! Not blogged in a long time but I shall try and keep this updated reguarly. Yesterday's flight was fairly uneventful, I slept through most of it - kept waking up with a cramped neck :( I still feel like we're here on a holiday, we're currently staying at Ronald's Mum's place in Tseun Wan, which is where we stay when we are visiting. The flat is pretty full up since Grandma is here as well. Aunty is having to sleep on the sofa! I think once we get our own place set up this will begin to feel much more like a real move. On that note, we spent today looking at different places -
Firstly we looked in Tseun Wan. We told the agents at Centraline that we had a king size bed (which we do), and they kind of freaked out. They spent AGES pretending to rummage through all their information trying to find a bedroom which would fit our mythical giant bed. They then told us it wasn't possible except for a Penthouse flat and a custom renovated flat above the City Plaza shopping mall in the centre of Tseun Wan. So we went to see them. The penthouse was FAN-TAS-TIC. Had gorgeous views over the city, was on the 33th floor, had ACRES of storage cupboards, and you could even see the harbour. It was over 900 square foot, which in Hong Kong terms is enormous. However it cost a whooping HK$14,000 a month (over £1000) which is okay for central areas but Tseun Wan is in the New Territories, which are supposed to be cheap. The building was pretty old too, even though the flat had been newly done up. We liked it a lot but the landlord seemed unlikely to compromise, so we headed downstairs (to florr 22) to see the other flat. It wasn't finished yet. No, really. It wasn't. It was a building site. The walls were gone. The floor was gone. The fittings were - gone. Everywhere was covered in rubble and builders junk. The only thing it didn't have was a hole in the wall. It's not due to be finished until December - so we left. But not before being shocked into silence by the price of it. 13k for 700 sqaure foot, in Tsuen Wan.


I don't think so.

...gotta eat dinner now - will edit for more of day's info later :)

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