Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hong Kong - Day 5 - Tseun Wan

Still in Tsuen Wan! (Must type fast because I have to be up super early tomorrow because I'm going to Sham Shui Po to observe another English-Kindergarten-Teacher person in action - I will be taking lots of notes! I have to be there at 8:45am :( )

Today we got the keys for the flat finally - yay :) Ronald called up some dude who came round and changed the locks for us (this is because many estate agent shops have access to the old keys, and we don't particularly want them just walking in ya know). Tomorrow when I am out observing stuff, Ronald will be in charge of cleaning (lol) and buying things (oh no). Hopefully he will be able to manage until I get back in the afternoon!

We have been looking at some cheap furniture store in Tsuen Wan Discovery Park. I think its better than ikea because 1) its WAY cheaper, about 1/3 the price - although possibly less quality? 2) its better designed for HK spaces (i.e. not much space) whereas a lot of the things in Ikea are just too big to be practical. The HK store has some really clever folding away tables, and some good desks with lots of shelves and storage and stuff :) I'm looking forward to buying from them :D Maybe we can get a discount if we buy several items from them....

Words learnt today:
Doy ("bag" (plastic)) - learnt because the lady in the store asked me "lei yew mm yew doy?" (Do you want a ) and I had no idea what she was talking about, and I looked stupid :) (looking stupid is by far the best way to learn!)

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