Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hong Kong - Day 11 - Olympic

Ahhh, I haven't updated in a while! First of all we moved into our new flat and didn't have any internet. Then I started my new job on Monday and have been really busy freaking about about it the last few days. Things are better at work now (I'm getting used to the kids and dealing with them, and also knowing what I am expected to do) so now I have time to write a post.

Observations from HK!

1) Automatic sensor-flushing toilets.
Everywhere. The ones in the HK Airport are particularly fun.
You walk in the cubicle door and the toilet flushes. Uhm. Okay.
You sit down, and the toilet flushes.
You reach for the paper and... the toilet flushes!
Then you stand up and nothing - NOTHING - not waving you hands, not jumping up and down, not doing the can-can, will make the toilet flush when you actually want it to. I kid you not.
So you have to press the button. So much for that :(


1) Ordering a chocolate sundae ("Ju go lik soot go sun-day") in MacDonald's yesterday... I remembered how to say "or mm yew fa song" (no peanuts for me!) I was well impressed with myself :)

2) Brought a herbal drink at Cafe Coral (downstairs in the shopping centre next to our building) after work today because my throat was feeling really sore after shouting at kids all day :( The lady asked me "li do yum?" (are you drinking in (or taking away)) - I understood what she said! Woo!

3) Learnt how to say my address in Chinese so that if I need to get a taxi sometime I can tell him where to go "Long Tsing Wan - Hoi Fai Do - O-wan" (The Long Beach, Hoi Fai Road, Olympic)


Last night, Ronald and I went out in search of food. As we were walking along we suddenly noticed that we could see the sign for Langham Place lit up on a skyscraper quite close by! We didn't realise we were so close! So we walked in that direction and arrived in Mong Kok (shopper's paradise - no, really) after a 10 minute walk :o
(We ate at a place called "Monster Sushi" xD)

We finally bought most of our furniture. We went to Sha Tin last weekend, we were aiming to go to Ikea, but in the mall there were so many other furniture stores that, in the end, we didn't even get to go into Ikea!
We found the perfect sofa-bed, and it was on sale too! It is black leather (PVC), looks really stylish, and it very comfortable to sleep and sit on AND its the RIGHT SIZE :D Yay!
We also ordered a bespoke TV unit. Its a full-wall jobbie, with lots and lots of cupboard space for all our games/CDs/junk :) The peeps are coming tomorrow to measure the wall space to make sure they build it the perrrrrfect size :)
We also bought a folding away dining table from a cheapy cheapy store in Tsuen Wan (Direct Sale Centre) and I brought my computer desk for cheap, and on sale, from another cheapy shop (PriceRite) which is just downstairs. It is being delivered tomorrow!

For the mean time we are sleeping on foam mattresses that we brought from DSC - they only cost $100 each and are really quite comfy :) Unfortunately they have really ugly patterns (one is lime green with little hearts, the other is light blue with bright coloured circles... and these were the least offensive ones there! The others were truly horrendous.)

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