Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hong Kong - Day 3 - Tseun Wan

My blog looks kind of sad :( Its one of them default templates. Soon I will work on prettifying it - but not today! Because I am tired!

Incidentally, the name of this blog is "Fan O Kei La" which is the Cantonese version of the Putonghua "Hui Jia Ba" or "Let's Go Home". I heard it at the end of a song and thought "Awe, that's nice...." So yeah :P

I visited my schools today. They're pretty nice, not particularly interesting. Imagine a kindergarten right? And... yeah that's all - you got it :)
Afterwards I collected my visa from Wan Chai, tomorrow I plan to go to Macau to activate it :) After that I can apply for my HK ID card! OooOOooooooOoo.

Me and Ronald bummed around in Ikea. Looks like we're going to be living in a(nother) all-Ikea house! Although we will probably have to look elsewhere for our Futon (cos the Ikea ones all suck) and Ronald's office furniture.

We went for sushi for dinner in AMP (big big shopping centre, somewhere. I forget. Its on the green line lol). There we met some of Ronald's distant cousins, a boy of 14 and a little girl of 2. I'm rubbish with kids. But somehow I became involved in a poking game with her and we became friends. She didn't understand English. I don't think she understood Chinese. I resorted to a weird mix. She was "helping" me to pick out some hair clips in a shop. I was yammering away like a real dummy - "yat go" ("one")... "learn go" ("two") ..... "or yew learn go..." ("I want two of them") (at this point she gives me one of them...) "LEARN go" (then I get the other one). The shopkeeper is listening in to all this. I manage to ask him whether the price is for 1 or 2 of the clips. "sup yi mun, yat go" ("$12 for 1"). Okay. Then he starts talking in cantonese like I know what he's saying. What? - no >< I speak baby-cantonese only! Tsk. Some people, honestly.

Words learnt today:
"Siu Sum" (Be careful!) - learnt when I was in danger of having my eye poked out during the poking game .....

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