Monday, 3 November 2008

Hong Kong - Day 2 - Tseun Wan

Today on the MTR (the Hong Kong Underground) I saw a poster that advertised the Hong Kong Wetlands Park. It told me to "Unroll the Hong Kong Diverse Green Temptations." Classic example of a direct translation fallen on its arse. Its not even funny but I laughed about it anyway ;)

We took Ronald's iPhone for repair in Mong Kok (ya - it broke), and he got a new phone, mMMmm shiney.

I dropped into Language Tree to pick up my work visa. Didn't get it! They only gave me the fax confirming that it is ready for collection, and told me to get it myself. Charming. I didn't have my passport on me so I have to go by tomorrow.
They did, however, have a school for me. Of all irony its out in Tin Shui Wai (N.T.) and also in Tuen Mun. It is one school but they have two campus and I will be alternating between the two. Its fairly straightward to get there from Olympic, either by MTR (+KCR) or there's a good bus service. However it will take between 30-45mins. Boo.

However! If you're wondering why I'm talking about distance from Olympic its because this evening we put a deposit down on a flat there! Its a brand new (shiney) building :) And we've got a harbour view AND we're on the 23rd floor, with just over 700square foot for 13k/month. The club house is really godly! Its got an outdoor pool, spa, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, mini golf course, gym, badminton courts, tennis courts, function room, beauty rooms, piano rooms, fully equiped music studio (where I can use their drum kit!) a BBQ area, a mini private cinema, a bar, a reading room, cigar room, quiet room, billiard room, and... wait for it... a private karaoke room!
All going well we will have access to it by Thursday, and can see about buying the furniture that we need.

I found it quite ironic that the landlord was telling us how picky he was about tenants, he was waiting for a good tenant, and had already refused families with young children because he was worried they might make a mess of the place. And they think that WE are good tenants. Shocker!
In England we'd be the last on the list because we're potentially noisey, party-throwing young unmarried couple of doom. (We're not really like that, but that's how we appear to most landlords.) However here we're suddenly highly desirable :o Its because I'm a Teacher now, and Ronald is an IT Professional. We sound quite fantastic :)

Tomorrow I have to go to Tin Shui Wai at 10am (/sad) to see the school with Helen from Language Tree. The school needs to "approve" me before I can start work there - hopefully on Monday next week. Will let you know how it goes -

Good night!


Nathalie said...

Sounds amazing!

Psyconym said...

Ok - my life sucks - I am getting a new life - I am free lance writing by the way - still my life sucks.